About Rain City Plumbing

Established in 2013, Rain City Plumbing & Sewer Repair, LLC serves the Greater King County area with expert plumbing service including repairs, remodels and new residential installations. Our top-notch plumbers are hand-picked and trained in-house to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction available. Rain City Plumbing is also available to consult with Professional Engineers and registered architects to determine the most advantageous process to getting the job done. RCP work is permitted and inspected by the authority having jurisdiction.

Rain City Plumbing beginnings far exceed their time in the industry. In an unusual twist, Cheryl and Jaime are a mother and son team. Coming from a long line of master plumbers, Jaime began work in the trade at a young age with his father and Cheryl grew up with a third generation Master Electrician as a father. With Cheryl having a BS in Business Management and Jaime a Master Plumber, it was a natural progression to start a successful plumbing company. To complete the team, they brought on Jaime’s childhood friend Spence. With a background in business and a Master Plumber license, Spence was the final piece that binds the three into the thriving company they have today.

About Jaime Harris, COO

Jaime Harris is a Washington State Master Plumber (Lic. HARRIJL878CM). Having been in the trade his whole life, Jaime takes a direct, ‘hands-on’ approach to his work and his crew, with customer satisfaction and professionalism at the forefront always. There is a rumor in the family that Jaime’s great, great, great, great, great, great….was a master plumber to Alexander the Great but is still as yet unconfirmed. Jaime loves hiking 30 miles on a weekend with his wife and spending his free time outdoors. He works hard and plays hard.

About Spence Rogers, CEO

Spence Rogers is a Washington State Master Plumber (Lic. ROGERS*838KT). Spence defines and takes customer service to a top-notch level that few in our industry can exceed. His commitment to the customer experience and providing high quality service permeates every interaction he has and is integrated into the foundation of our company. Currently expecting his first child (It’s a girl!!) He enjoys cooking with his wife, entertaining for friends and listening to podcasts regarding business which keeps his enthusiasm for work always at the forefront.

About Cheryl Lair, CFO

Cheryl Lair holds a BS in Business Management. She has 35 years of experience in the industry and has worked with various companies learning the building blocks to help create a successful company along the way. Cheryl enjoys working on her small cabin in the woods on the weekends which she is building with her two sons, family, and friends.