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Water Main Repair

Water Main Repair & Installation

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Water Main Lines 

A water main line, also known as a water main, is a large underground pipe that carries drinking water from a water treatment plant or other water source to homes, businesses, and other buildings in a community.

  • We will install water main lines using high-quality Pex, Poly, or Copper pipes.
  • All installations include excavation, backfill, tracer wire, concrete cores, and inspections by the authorities having jurisdiction.

Do you have a driveway or hardscaping? Ask us about trenchless solutions.

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Maintaining and repairing water mains is a critical task to ensure that safe and reliable drinking water is available to homes and businesses. Water mains may experience leaks or breaks over time, and repairing these issues promptly is important to prevent water loss, protect public health, and maintain water pressure for firefighting and other critical uses.
If you’re having issues with your water main, please reach out to us for a quote today!

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Derek showed up promptly to our request for waterline replacement from the meter to the house. He performed a thorough examination of the project, identifying and pinpointing the source of a drain pipe leak in the crawlspace that had been missed in other inspections and work.

Rain City provided a detailed estimate of the waterline replacement and drainpipe repair work that showed exactly what they would do and provided an estimate of the time that plumbing would be out of service. Derek and Darin performed the work on time advising us on issues that were uncovered as they went. The water was back on within one day and the work was completed for the estimated cost. I highly recommend Rain City Plumbing.