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In Renton, Washington, residents often require various plumbing services to keep their homes and businesses running smoothly. These services can include routine maintenance tasks such as drain cleaning, leak detection, and water heater repair. Additionally, residents may need emergency plumbing services for burst pipes, clogged drains, and overflowing toilets. Some common plumbing services in Renton include sewer line repair and replacement, water line repair and replacement, and installation of new plumbing fixtures. Professional plumbers in Renton are equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to handle these tasks efficiently and effectively, ensuring that residents enjoy safe and reliable plumbing systems in their homes and businesses.

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We are a trusted mom-and-son plumbing company that has been operating in Renton WA for 10+ years! We are master plumbers specializing in residential plumbing. If you are experiencing plumbing issues and need a skilled, honest, and experienced Renton plumber, we can help where you are, including installing new plumbing, maintaining an existing plumber, or making general repairs. Give us a call at (206) 432-9044.


  • Great work (hose bib repair) and really nice people to work with, definitely recommend.

    Adele C
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Renton Plumber

Plumbing systems in the Pacific Northwest face unique challenges due to the distinct four seasons. At Rain City Plumbing, we’re here to help you maintain optimal performance throughout the year. Visit our Plumbing Education Blog to learn how you can protect your plumbing systems from the elements.

Renton Tips

Our favorite Renton Restaurants

The city of Renton, located in Washington, has seen a surge in its dining scene with a multitude of new restaurants offering a wide range of cuisines, from Mexican to Vietnamese and Southern comfort food. These dining establishments have brought life and color to the city’s culinary landscape, making it an exquisite destination for food lovers.

Some of our latest favorites in Renton include The Brick Pub & Grill, The Melrose Grill, The Red House Beer & Wine Shoppe, and The Whistle Stop Ale House.