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Call Today!      206-432-9044

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Rain City Plumbing Services has you covered for all your general plumbing needs, from leaky faucets to water mains.  Our master technicians in Tukwila WA are geared up and ready to tackle any project, and our fully stocked trucks mean we can handle most issues on the spot, saving you time and hassle. Our service area covers all of Tukwila including Cascade View, Foster, Riverton, Ryan Hill, Thorndyke and Duwamish.
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We are a trusted Mom and Son plumbing company servicing Tukwil for 10+ years! We are master plumbers specializing in residential plumbing. If you are experiencing plumbing issues and need a Tukwila, WA Plumber that is skilled, honest, and experienced we can help where your at including installing new plumbing,  maintaining existing plumber, or general repairs give us a call (206) 432-9044.


  • I highly rate Jaime and Rain City Plumbing. I am a first time home owner, and I felt like Jaime really went above and beyond when it came to repiping my crawl space.

    Aisse Torres
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Tukwila WA, Plumber

In Tukwila, Washington, residents may require plumbing services for a range of reasons. The city’s plumbing needs could stem from issues such as aging infrastructure, inclement weather conditions, or common plumbing problems like leaky pipes, sewer line clogs, or malfunctioning water heaters. Prompt attention to these issues is essential to prevent property damage and maintain the proper functioning of plumbing systems. Rain City Plumbing is your Professional Plumber in Tukwila here to help with diagnosing and addressing plumbing challenges, providing the necessary expertise to ensure that you have reliable access to water and sewage services while safeguarding the integrity of your home and business.